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Portrait in Charcoal Misses Mofongo

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Portrait in Charcoal Misses Mofongo


charcoal portrait Misses Mofongo

Charcoal portrait Misses Mofongo was drawn/painted after some brief conversations with the model and the agreement to take some pictures of her grand cafe-restaurant Mr. Mofongo Groningen. Pub Scenes remain my favorite subject, the pub area offers plenty of impressions that are fun to paint, little things on the table, such as a cup or a wine glass, a candle to complete the composition.

charcoal portrait Misses Mofongo

I love beauty in people, the beauty moves me to paint, and basically my work is about my personal experience of beauty. It evokes feelings of love or being moved by beauty. Fortunately, I can take the experience of beauty as a starting point and turn it into a beautiful painting or drawing.

abstractions in a painting

Abstractions in my work I find very important. I'm not a photographic painter, to merely copy things is not my interest. I try to put my personal experience of beauty in the structure of the painting, my own handwriting. By applying handwriting and accentuate certain parts and make other things less important I compose a portrait and make it an experience for the viewer.


I work after nature. I also really like abstract work and also study on this but ... I have my drawing and painting talent and I do not let go because herein lies my strength. I do think it's important to apply abstractions to the painting to give it a skin, apply sketchy structures.
I make some studies after model on small size but my portraits are usually fullsize. My portraits are keep their value over the years and stand the test of time. I work commissioned aswell as independent, but my preference is to work independant. I can express myself at best in a free manner in my own way of painting.











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Members of the Domino Design Network can follow our blog and chat with other members. Besides that they have a 10% discount on all products and services.




• artikelnr. P-100

• size 50 cm. x 65 cm.

• charcoal on Ingres paper

• 2016 | Andrew Zeegers

• incl. wooden frame

• incl. suspension mechanisme




160x20 400x20 205x20