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Mistletoe Publishing | Art Publications

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Mistletoe Publishing

Publisher Mistletoe is a publishing company that publishes all sorts of products with works by artists. Card Wallets, agendas, calendars, posters with works by artists. The card wallets and other products for sale in the studio of the artist himself and certain other artistic locations.
The purpose of the publisher is to create a win-win-win situation between publisher, artist and visitor. Because a print-on-demand construction is an artist does not need to invest in a large edition of calendars, diaries or card wallets. The artist has in his or her studio a viewing copy of a card wallet, calender or other product and a visitor to the studio of the artist can order a single product such as a calendar which is then printed one at a time with print-on-demand. Because the artist does not need to invest in an edition, he / she earns directly a part of the money by selling + it is advertising for the artist, and the visitor has a nice folder or calendar. The publisher will have work, so all three parties have income.

Publisher Mistletoe publishes calendars, card wallets, canvas prints, posters and more .. with works by artists who can sell artists themselves from their studio. As a result, their visitors have a fun product, the artists extra income and free publicity ... and work for the publisher... Win, win, win ...



In the illustration you see an example of our portfolios. These are print-on-demand card wallets that are completely handmade. With works by artists he can sell them in their studio or art markets. This is also good promotion for their work.The Portfolios are designed and printed by Domino Design. They contain:

  • 10 double cards A6
  • 10 envelopes
  • a resume of the artist
  • a few business cards Artist

This is excellent promotion for the artist and also a merit.


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