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Medium foto 1

Welcome to Medium Network.

• for companies:

Every business needs beauty, art and design. Art and design give value to your business. This may be reflected in your corporate identity, your products (and packaging) and services, your communication etc. Did you know that companies that beautifully shape their services and products, and also shape their interior-design accordingly, can actually charge a higher price for their product and / or service? For a quality product offered in a beautiful environment, people are willing to pay more. In addition, there are plenty of times when there is a need for a creative interpretation of a space, an event, a text, publicity, exhibitions in your office etc. Have you ever thought about on a temporary basis an artist / designer employed to take? You might have an officeroom in your business where the artist can have a workspace and the person may then perform tasks where just a bit more creativity is needed.

• for artists:

As an artist you are often multi-talented: you can write, imagining something, organize an exhibition, designing a presentation, organize a corporate event etc. how would it be to do this in temporary employment? You get a (temporary) regular salary which the administration is completely taken care of.

• Medium Network: Middle

Bring these two parties together in an appropriate cooperation is the core business of Medium Network. To mediate between artists and companies requires adaptation and harmonious cooperation, hence the hexagon as the symbol of harmony and the name 'Medium' isn't only a painting material for an artist but also 'the middle' and 'agent' means to mediate. Watch where two worlds can come together that are apparently very different but both share the "middle".

• Chemistry:

Just as in human relations the chemistry between a company and the artist requires a match. It is about the click. And just as medium, a painting material that mediates between paint and canvas, Medium Network mediates between artist and company.

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