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Courses at Domino Design

Courses at Domino Design

Wether you have a drawing and painting talent, have an interest in art or just want to start a hobby there are many possibilities at Domino Design. Courses of Domino Design allow to study seriously or just have a good time with friends, family or colleagues. Hence this list of courses and workshops delivered by Domino Design.

Live Painting Course

Every week there are live painting lessons in my studio. These are live painting lessons on Thursday evenings from 19:30 to 22:00 hrs. Often with live model. Interested in following a course? Click here to subscribe.

Online Painting Lessons

There is our Tiny Painting School on the Internet. You can work from your home and will receive the lessons via email. If you have a subscription you will receive an invitation to the Tiny Paintschool you get an invitation to a secure environment where classes, tasks are placed and you can submit your work. Every week you get live support through Google Hangouts. Click here to subscribe.


We organize painting workshops for team gatherings, bachelor parties, anniversaries, and family reunions. Very suitable as a fun educational day-activity of painting after model while enjoying fine catering. Want to order a workshop? Click here to order.



Tiny Painting School

online course













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