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Balancing Butterflies

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Balancing Butterflies

A gift box with decorative butterflies that you can hang everywhere. They are equipped with weights under the wings. You do'nt have to stick them to something, butterflies are balanced so that if you put them with the tip of their head on something, they stay balanced. Because they hang loose and have little weights under their wings, they gently sway in a gentle breeze as you blow it. The butterflies come from the Victorian era and are beautifully illustrated, colourful and pleasing to the eye. Already the box is beautifully illustrated, the butterlfies themselves are even more beautiful.


balancerende vlindersbalanderende vlinders doos

balancerende vlinders voorkantbalancerende vlinders

balansvlinders toepassingbalancerende vlinders 2 toepassingbalansvlindersbalansvlinder 4



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